ASAP Jona 200
Say hi to the future


The future requires new products to meet more needs in one and the same item, making everyday life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. And if that's not enough, the product will also free up resources that can be used for other and more important things. We call it sustainable innovation and it makes us glow.


Recycling natural resources and producing pure raw materials helps to lighten our ecological footprint. Smart products reduce both resource use and waste. This gives
great environmental benefits and therefore all our products carry the Swan eco-label.


By combining new raw materials with new and unique production methods, we achieve exciting product solutions. Our newly developed disposable sheets absorb 10 liters of liquid per square meter, can lift up to 200kg, are waterproof and only 0.7mm thick.

ASAP-Norway is a Norwegian company that, in cooperation with the health and care industry, has developed next-generation cover equipment for sleeping areas, tables and beds where there are special needs in relation to spillage and liquid problems.