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ASAP Norway was established in 2007 by founder Astrid Skreosen, who had the idea of developing a custom maternity sheet. ASAP Norway has since developed the next generation of protective equipment for beds, tables and stretchers, which have specific needs in relation to spills and fluid problems.

ASAP Norway has been in the market since 2012 and has established an international network of distribution partners in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. We work in many different fields and industries in 26 countries. The production and development departments are located in Telemark, Norway.

The future demands that new products cover mulitple needs in one and the same product and make everyday life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. And if that is not enough, the product should also free up resources that can be used for other and more important things. We call it sustainable innovation and it's what drives us.

From nurse to entrepreneur

Resigned in frustration

In 2001, I got a part time night shift position on the maternity ward at Skien hospital. The work involved a lot of cleaning of delivery rooms, but also really lovely tasks such as giving refreshments to the new parents or weighing and measuring a newborn baby. But there was one thing I really reacted to: the birthing bed, or most of all, that the sheet used on the mattress was not adapted to use. Sheets that slid around during childbirth and blood and amniotic fluid that flooded across the bed and onto the floor. "She decided to make a new sheet. A very thin, super-absorbent sheet that fit the mattress, whilst protecting it from moisture, leading to less waste and washing.

Astrid Skreosen

Less waste

Rapid absorption of fluid and odour control

Less use of resources

Cost-effective solutions throughout the value chain

More time for care

Developed through close cooperation with the health and care industry

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Being an auxiliary nurse during births was a busy job and she loved it. After every birth it was her job to make sure everything was ship-shape before the next one. However, that part of the job became to be so frustrating that she quit her dream job at the time. Let us share the details of what made her take this crucial step.


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"You have to face the challenges, not wait for others to do it for you"

Astrid Skreosen

CEO and founder of ASAP Norway

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ASAP Norway is to be a preferred supplier of the next generation high-absorbent disposable substrates worldwide.