ASAP Drytop Extra™

All-in-one solution that simplifies work processes and logistics.

The future demands multi-functional products that make our every-day lives easier, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Protects the environment and reduces costs.

By recycling raw materials and producing pure components, we are reducing our ecological footprint. Smart products reduce both use of resources and waste, giving great environmental benefits and therefore all our products are Nordic Ecolabelled.

Active prevention of contamination and infection by ensuring total control of spills.

Our newly developed ASAP Gemini ™ coffin liner absorbs 10 liters of liquid per square meter, is waterproof and only 0.7mm thick.

"ASAP Drytop Extra ™ is a universal multi-use sheet developed for stretchers and beds, which also can be used as an incontinence sheet. The sheet can also be used as an auxiliary sheet to effectively absorb spills, reduce extra work, risk of infection and / or wear / damage.
The product is made of a material with very high absorbency, 10 liters per square meter. The product is 0.7mm thick, equipped with a colored barrier layer that prevents leaks. High durability that can withstand a load of 150 kg. Tape in every corner. Possible to make into a collection bag. Odour preventing and breathable properties. "

By pouring on water at the desired temperature and rolling together, you can create a versatile thermal cushion for wound or pain relief.

Rapid and effective absorption helps to avoid spills.

By using the z-fold technique several times on the same product, you can avoid moving the patient and reduce material consumption.