Defence, Police and Rescue Services

Rescue blankets for use in the field

Ultra lightweight and space saving rescue blanket

Rescue and transfer blanket ready for release.

Lifting strength

Movement of wounded in rough terrain

Wind and water proof

Protects against weather and wind, transports fluid away from the body

Weight and volume

Space saving and ultra light

Hypotermia - Lifting strength - Wind and water

Multi-use emergency sheet and rescue blanket developed for Norway Ambulance

ASAP Jona 200 Emergency Sheet is a universal multi-purpose product designed for stretchers and beds and is also used as a transfer sheet or for packaging.

0, mm


The rescue blanket is only 0.7 mm thick and takes up minimal space

400 g


The sheet is packed and sealed, with minimal weight


Lifting strength

Transfer weight in dry and wet state

"The sheets were well- suited as a transport sheet. The patients were carried from the labour room and ambulance to the operation theater with the ASAP sheet and again back to the maternity tent after the operation. Our patients weighed between 50-70kg and the sheets were able to handle that weight without problems."

Hanna Oommen

RN, RM, MSc in Disaster Relief Health

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