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Incapculates and limits infection via body fluids


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Health workers and close relatives are most at risk

Ebola transmits from person to person via body fluids. Those who are infected are mainly people in close contact with patients, that is, family and health workers. Among infected health professionals are both national and international relief workers. The high number of infected and dead health professionals in the affected countries hits the already weak health systems hard


The number of people affected by cholera, Haiti in 2012

Waterborne contamination from UN soldiers sent to help the local population after the earthquake in 2012


The number of deaths caused by Ebola in 2014

The outbreak cost thousands of lives in West Africa


Mortality from Ebola Outbreak

In some outbreaks, death tolls have been up to 90%

«The material is biodegradable and is therefore convenient for use in rural areas with poor waste disposal facilities. The material can be put to creative use in a variety of circumstances such as keeping mothers or newborns warm during transport, as diapers, as a pain relief measure (used with warm water on the sheet), etc.»

Hanna Oommen

RN, RM, MSc in Disaster Relief Health

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