Large format absorbant sheets

Protects and limits water spills

Schützt und begrenzt die Wasserverschmutzung


up to 10 liters of water per m2


Takes up little space and can be invoiced on

Adaptable to use

Comes in several sizes - can be customized

Plumbing mat and absorbent cloth

Multi-purpose products, often tailor-made

Our absorbent sheets of all sizes are used daily for many purposes in industry and business. From plumbing drip-mats to absorbent linings for transporting salmon in waterproof packaging by air to all corners of the globe.


Number of liters of water absorbed per m2

The water is encapsulated in the absorbent material and contributes to temperature control

0, mm

Thickness of the product

Takes minimal space but absorbs large amounts of water


Better temperature control

The temperature of the water stays stable 30% longer in solid form

«In awkward places, the flexibility of the sheet gives easy access. Having a highly absorbent product gives peace of mind and the need for a bucket and a cloth is gone.»

Dani Kristoffersen

Certified Plumber

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