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Incontinence or nightsweats?

Sleep dry and comfortable throughout the night - get your everyday life back

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Don't ruin the day before it's even started - sleep undisturbed

Furniture Protection

An accident every now and then becomes manageable

Save time and energy

Be prepared - bed sheets in large and small sizes.

With or without nappies

Leakage and odour inhibitor

Bed and furniture protection for big and small

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Norwegian women suffer from urinary incontinence

The symptoms may occur periodically or pose a daily problem

5- 10 %

Experiencing urinary leakage after surgery for prostate cancer

The number of prostate cancer cases and the number of surgeries performed is increasing


Women will experience extreme night sweats

This is due to menopause, but is also very common among cancer patients

The transition to stopping with nappies could not have been smoother, because of ASAP. My two year old didn't even wake up if an accident happened and there was no problem waiting until morning to change the sheets. One of the best things was that the mattress was protected and stayed lovely and clean.

Erika Oskam

Stay at home mum

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Jona & Dry Top

The newly developed disposable sheet absorbs 10 liters of liquid per square meter, can lift up to 200kg, is waterproof, and only 0.7mm thick.

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