Dignity til the end

Specialised products for death and funerals

Shrouds and coffin protection that limit odor and fluid problems. Wraps and coffin liners developed for burial agencies and coffin producers.

High lifting capacity

High lifting capacity with barrier layer for liquid, and of course super absorbent properties - up to 10 liters per m2


Our shrouds wrap the deceased and limit odours and leaks of body fluids by absorbing and enclosing liquids in the shroud. The product comes in several formats, including as a coffin liner.


Our products are Nordic Ecolabelled, as the water proof biofilm consists of maize starch, which is biodegradable.

Funeral Directors and Coffin Makers

Hygienic absorbent materials

Coffin liners and shrouds. Highly absorbent and degradable. Our shroud prevents leaks and can be neatly wrapped around the body. The product combines a very high absorbency with lifting capacity, with no cost to the environment.


Our market share amongst Norwegian coffin producers

Coffin liners that prevent leaks


Proportion of Norwegian hospitals that use our shrouds

Worthy wrapped of the deceased


The year we delivered our shrouds to Doctors without Borders in Congo

The shroud increases infection protection in areas at risk from Ebola

«ASAP sheets have an extremely absorbing effect and remove most of the unpleasant odours.
These sheets make all the difference for us. We recommend trying out these in the daily work at your Funeral agency»

Lars Svanholm

CEO, Svanholm Funeral

Selected products

Jona Serien

We have developed the world's best coffin liner.

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