More time for care

Infection control and improved hygiene control with highly-absorbent disposable textiles

An environmentally friendly and cost-effective all-in-one solution, developed by and for healthcare personnel.

Super absorbent

The emergency sheet captures and encapsulates up to 30 liters of liquid, and can lift up to 150 kilos whilst wet.

Reduced costs

Eliminates the need for traditional textile products and reduces the use of laundry services, which frees up significant resources for other purposes.

Simple and flexible

Our sheets are adapted for all purposes and for use in all departments where spills of body fluids are a challenge.

Areas of use

All departments

ASAP's multifunctional absorbents are produced in various sizes for all sorts of use; as bed sheets, morgue sheets, incontinence products, surgical sheets, hospice sheets, night sweats sheets, and sheets for wound relief. In short, in all situations where body fluids are a challenge.

Our birth sheets are adapted to two-part maternity beds and can be attached to the bed so that the sheet does not slip.


Attainable cost savings for protection sheets for ambulance stretchers

Replaces traditional costly fabrics and laundry procedures


Reduction in the hospital's laundry volume

Time spent in the laundry and transport back and forth are reduced accordingly


Reduction in waste volume on maternity wards.

The absorbent sheet reduces the need for bedsheets; making the cleaning process much more efficient.

The disposable sheet is very practical in a field hospital, a hospital and during patient transportation. Its strong capacity to absorb fluids helps to maintain hygiene, keep patients comfortable and prevent foul odors. It consequently helps to prevent transmission of infections amongst health personnel and patients.

Hanna Oommen

RN, RM, MSc in Disaster Relief Health

Selected products

Jona, Dry Top & Leana

"ASAP's maternity sheet has a soft and comfortable top surface, absorbs large amounts of liquid and has high abrasion resistance. The sheet has a biological barrier film, without latex or PVC, to protect the birthing bed, the birthing chair and the surrounding environment. The product is Nordic Ecolabelled and biodegradable.

The emergency bed sheet encloses and protects the patient and surroundings from spills and contamination and is an effective and active measure for better infection prevention. ASAP's Emergency Sheet is designed for the emergency and ambulance department, where the Emergency Sheet replaces traditional standard textile solutions and laundry services. The emergency products are universal multi-use sheets and are also used as a transfer sheet or for packaging.

The incontinence products come in several formats, from bed sheets to protective sheets and mats. The products are also suitable for patients with severe night sweats and are an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional textile and plastic based products."

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