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Reduce the risk of infectious transmission

Disposable and biodegradable full-sized sheet

 «Information so far indicates that droplet protection provides adequate coronavirus protection»
FHI, 2020


Improved hygiene and infection control with complete set of disposable textiles for the bedpost. Always keeping the patient's comfort and dignity is in center.

Absorberer væske og fuktighet

Absorbent textiles that encapsulate fluid and moisture by preventing spills and leaks. This prevents and reduces the risk of infection and infection.

Environmentally friendly

Produktet er svanemerket

How does it work?

Recycled and dense biofilm

Tekstilene er utstyrt med resirkulert og tett biofilm som forhindrer lekkasjer, og madrass, pute og dyne beskyttes.
Teiper langs siden sørger for bedre feste på madrass.
Teipene kan også brukes ved innpakning i forbindelse med forflytning av pasient.

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Weight430gPer unit
Absorption capacity28liters
Absorption rate5secTested with 300 ml tempered water
Lifting strength> 150kg
Odor controlYes Yes/No
BreathableYes Yes/No
Top layerNon-wovenTypeWhite with dotted texture
Back layerBio-filmTypeBlue
Quantity per box15piece
Weight box7kgkg
Dimension box 30 cm x 39 cm x 40 cm

ASAP Luna serien

ASAP Luna SmallASAP Luna MediumASAP Luna Large
Width145 cm145 cm145 cm
Length60 cm200 cm260cm
Weight80 g270 g350 g
Quantity per box 601515
Absorption capacity0,2 l0,6 l0,7 l
Dimension box 30 cm x 39 cm x 40 cm
Weight box 5 kg
Lifting strength> 150 kg
Odor controlNo
Top layer Non-woven, white
Back layerBio-film, white

The disposable sheet is very practical in a field hospital, a hospital and during patient transportation. Its strong capacity to absorb fluids helps to maintain hygiene, keep patients comfortable and prevent foul odors. It consequently helps to prevent transmission of infections amongst health personnel and patients.

Hanna Oommen

RN, RM, MSc in Disaster Relief Health

Selected products

Jona, Dry Top & Leana

"ASAP's maternity sheet has a soft and comfortable top surface, absorbs large amounts of liquid and has high abrasion resistance. The sheet has a biological barrier film, without latex or PVC, to protect the birthing bed, the birthing chair and the surrounding environment. The product is Nordic Ecolabelled and biodegradable.

The emergency bed sheet encloses and protects the patient and surroundings from spills and contamination and is an effective and active measure for better infection prevention. ASAP's Emergency Sheet is designed for the emergency and ambulance department, where the Emergency Sheet replaces traditional standard textile solutions and laundry services. The emergency products are universal multi-use sheets and are also used as a transfer sheet or for packaging.

The incontinence products come in several formats, from bed sheets to protective sheets and mats. The products are also suitable for patients with severe night sweats and are an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional textile and plastic based products."

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