Our story unfiltered – Part 1: Frustration

Arriving at the hospital she went straight to the birth department. She had been working three jobs for years to get a full time position here. Being an auxiliary nurse during births was a busy job and  she loved it. Mainly the job consisted of doing what the doctor, midwife and nurses didn’t have the time to do. It was about running errands for the woman in birth to make them feel as comfortable as possible. After every birth it was her job to make sure everything was in ship-shape before the next one. However, that part of the job became to be so frustrating that she quit her dream job at the time.  Let’s share the details of what made her take this crucial step.

For auxiliary nurses in the birth department the cleanup after a birth is an elephant in the room. After each birth you can only imagine the amount of blood, liquids and other spills that are left as a total mess. The birthing bed has three separate parts that can be moved and adjusted accordingly to the needs of each birth. In this case meaning lots of chinks for these liquids to hide. Additionally to the spill problems the sheets on a birthing bed were not fitting. There were no sheets ever made to fit a birthing bed.  After an energetic birth the sheets had moved around and the absorbent pads were not in place and lost their purpose. Lastly, after a time consuming process of cleaning up the mess the birthing bed had to be sent down to the cleaner for hygienic purposes anyways, which is a very costly and lengthy process.

Was there really no better alternative on the market than cotton sheets and tiny pads for a birthing bed? Since there was no solution available, the founder and CEO of ASAP-Norway quit her job determined to make a better solution herself. Now, the only thing she was missing was; What could the solution be?

Read part two: Solution

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