Our Story Unfiltered – Part 2: Solution

Astrid knew that her new idea that could possibly revolutionize the industry. There were mainly four features her product had to have in order to be a better than todays solution. Birthing beds did not have sheets that fit the bed at all.

Firstly, her product had to be something that stayed properly in place no matter how much the patient turned og kicked. The solution became tape attached to the sheet. The other thing that was for certain is that it had to be thin. After a birth there is already enough waste so no need to add more into the pile. Using three components; bioplastics, absorbent sap and non-woven material the sheet would be 0,7mm thin.

Thirdly there had to be an easier way to measure blood loss during a birth. This is crucial information  to give the right help to both mother and child. With this absorbent sheet you would be able to create a bag at the end of the bed. This would not only make it easy to measure blood but also be a lot more hygienic and efficient as all “waste” could go right into a bag making the clean-up process after a birth much easier. Lastly, it had to be made out of strong material. It had to be able to lift a patient from one bed to another. The materials used in the sheet made it able to lift up to 200kg.

A better all-in-one solution would be hard to find. It would make the everyday life of so many working in the hospital better and more efficient. This would so valuably leave the professionals to have more time for caring. The product would be biodegradable and fulfill all known requirements for being environment friendly. Say hello to the future!

The idea was there and it was great. The only thing now was; where to start? 

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