ASAP Leana 100™

"ASAP Leana 100 ™ is a multifunctional, disposable bed sheet developed primarily for use on two-piece maternity beds.
Each set comes packaged in a bag. The product is highly absorbent - 10 liters per square meter. All parts of the kit are 0.7mm thick, equipped with a colored barrier layer to prevent leaks. Self-adhesive tape ensures stability. Ability to make collection bag. High durability and can withstand lifting an adult normal weight person. Odour prevention and breathable properties. "

By pouring on water at the desired temperature and rolling together, you can create a versatile thermal cushion for wound or pain relief.

Rapid and effective absorption helps to avoid spills.

By using the z-fold technique several times on the same product, you can avoid moving the patient and reduce material consumption.